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Author: Hasan Otuome (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: March 24, 2010 4:35 PM
Version: 0.7
Views: 24,236
Downloads: 989
License: MIT


Opticon is a runtime debugging console useful for Flash/Flex developers.

To use, follow these steps after installing the application:

1. Launch the application
2. Click the Settings button
3. Click on the SWC icon to add the OpticonConnector to your project's build path
4. Replace your trace statements with one of the following:
a) Opticon.log('message to display')
b) Opticon.warning('warning to display')
c) Opticon.error('error to display')


Update (1/15/2010):
Due to a build error, the connector was not included. This will be resolved in the next release. Until then, download the connector from the following link.

Thanks to gavri for uncovering this bug!!



Update (1/16/2010):
Issue w/Connector SWC has been resolved in version 0.5

Bugbase viewable @ http://bugs.otuome.com/opticon/view
Bug reporter coming soon...


Update (1/25/2010):
Issue w/settings not being saved between sessions has been resolved in version 0.6


Update (3/24/2010):
Added bug reporter UI. Use this to submit bugs + feature requests


AIR 1.5.3